Biard Solar

Biard SOLAR is all about crafting energy saving technology that’s simple to use with valuable results for the owner and the environment. Leisure and domestic applications stand to benefit from this renewable equipment that’s easy to install and centred round self-efficiency.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels help you to reduce your carbon footprint and provide you with an unlimited source of free energy.

Biard have an outstanding range of outstanding 12V solar kits, solar panels and accessories. Designs include flexible panels, foldable panels and panels with anodised frames in white, silver and black.

Built for domestic and leisure applications, this collection of photovoltaic panels comes in a variety of wattages, from 10W to 250W.

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Folding Solar Panels

Biard’s efficient folding solar panel kits are perfect for taking with you on camping trips and outdoor leisure activities so you can easily generate your own free source of electricity!

Supply power to a variety of appliances on your boat, caravan or motorhome. The folding solar panel kits can easily be positioned to obtain the maximum power from the sun.

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Flexible solar panels

Lightweight yet durable, Biard’s flexible solar panels can be installed onto an uneven roof of a boat, caravan or motorhome and will stand the test of time.

Our highly efficient flexible solar panels allow you to easily start generating your very own free source of electricity on your camping or leisure trips to provide power to a range of appliances.

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Solar Panel kits – Boats, Caravans, Outhouses

Enjoy a sustainable source of free electricity wherever you wish to travel to with Biard’s great range of highly efficient DIY Solar Boat, Caravans and Outhouses kits.

Biard’s complete solar kits contain solar PV panels, accessories such as mounting brackets and cables, and charge controllers.

Ideal for both static and mobile uses, these DIY solar kits will provide essential power to a range of appliances such as TVs, microwaves and lighting.

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Solar Accessories

Biard Solar have all the solar accessories you require to complete your new DIY solar panel kit, including cables and connectors, leisure batteries, mounting brackets, charge controllers, adhesives and cleaners.

All our solar accessories are made to a high quality to ensure you have a trouble-free installation and your products last for many years to come.

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Products by Biard can be purchased from the following UK retailers. Our products are sold online only which means we find ways to reduce our carbon footprint. By saving on unwanted expenditures such as showroom lighting and reduced paper wastage we are then able to pass the savings onto you.
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