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Lighting by Biard LED is created to be easy to install, attractive, cost effective and long lasting. Discover LED products that include accessories to complement and enhance the performance of each product. From domestic needs to those for leisure, outdoor and commercial use, we provide something for all.

Spotlights & Candles

Biard’s range of Spotlights includes GU10 and MR16 lamps cased in plastic, glass and ceramic shells. Available in warm white, natural white abd cool white, they come in a variety of wattage equivalents including up to 50W. There are also dimmable options with beam angles from 30˚ to 120˚. The average lifespan for all spotlights is 40,000 hours, meaning you’ll save on replacements costs and consume 90% less energy than halogen bulbs.

Biard LED’s Candles and Bulbs are available in E14, B15, B22 and E27 base fittings. Created in warm white, natural white and cool white colours, they have lifespans reaching 35,000 hours. Save up to 88% when switching from ordinary candle bulbs with a variety of Wattages from 3w to 9w.

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Commercial Lighting

Commercial Lighting from Biard provides a highly efficient and economical way in which to provide instant illumination to your space. Our Commercial range of LEDs include LED parlights, floodlights and tube lighting.

All our high quality commercial LEDs have outstanding lifespans to ensure a long lasting performance and reliable use. You can be assured they will lower electric bills but help to protect the environment too.

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the value of eco-friendly technology. 80% is saved on lighting consumption, they are low maintenance and they last up to 25 times longer than conventional products.

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LED Floodlights from Biard are robust, created for security and are ideal for general visibility. Choose from warm white, cool white or even colour changing options.

For different requirements, the wattages range from 10W to 200W and several models have PIR motion security sensors to give light automatically and act as a deterrent.

Enjoy the incredible lifespans of up to 50,000 hours on all floodlights and up to 90% on energy savings.

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Biard’s LED Strip Lighting is affordable, adaptable and made to the highest industry standards, perfect for use in domestic and commercial settings. Available in three to six LEDs in warm white, natural white, cool white colours and a colour-changing option. A driver and a plug are also included.

Waterproof and non-waterproof finishes are available, with all strip lights containing a 3M trademark adhesive backing. These flexible strip lights can be cut to different sizes if required, but are originally sold in a large five metre roll.

Biard LED strip lights are easy to install, thanks to their adhesive underside and they naturally utilise energy saving LED bulbs. For direct connections there’s 20V tube lights and for bespoke lighting a huge variety of flexible strip lights.

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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting from Biard is extremely robust, durable and a great way to enhance your home’s exterior. Available in a superb variety of styles and designs, these Outdoor lights instantly illuminate a range of spaces such as driveways, steps and entrances.

Whether you’re after extra security or want to add a modern lighting scheme to your home, Biard have the right outdoor light for you.

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Products by Biard can be purchased from the following UK retailers. Our products are sold online only which means we find ways to reduce our carbon footprint. By saving on unwanted expenditures such as showroom lighting and reduced paper wastage we are then able to pass the savings onto you.
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